Temari – Flower Basket in renzoku stitch (1 of 2)

October 7, 2016

I took a 17cm-circumference styrofoam ball and prepared a mari 24cm-circumference with Simple 8 (S8) divisions on a dark green background.

I stitched the “basket” first in one hemisphere of the ball. It will be made up of nine rows of stitches in three shades of green. I will add the “flower” in the other hemisphere of the ball later on.

Photo 1. This shows the equator. Adding pins 1/3 up from the equator on all eight division lines, I added extra division lines between all the pins. If you like, you can alter the distance of the pins from the equator as follows: 1cm = four rows of stitching.

Photo 2. This is a shot of the “basket” hemisphere head-on. The orange pin is my starting point for my stitching; I move to the  red pin, keeping at all times to the left of the division line. I continue the stitch around the ball till I end up at the orange pin where I started. Half the round is one side of the division line; the other half of the round is on the other side of the division line.

Photo 3. This shows the ‘basket’ hemisphere after stitching four rows.

Photo 4. This shows the ‘basket’ hemisphere after stitching nine rows.

My next step is to do the same stitching on the remaining four divisions, interleaving each stitch at the equator, so the points at the top of the basket will be overlapping.


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