Temari ball – exemplars for workshop

December 30, 2014

More preparation for my upcoming workshop.

I’ve prepared all the mari and cut all the stitching threads. I’ve affectionately dubbed these “Burwood 1, 2, 3 and 4”, based on the location where I’ll be teaching.

Building one basic skill after another, they alternate between ‘geometric’ and ‘flower’. They move (anti-clockwise from lower right) from kiku (#1) to interlocked bands (#2)  to interweaving (#3) to combining both bands and kiku (#4). Each introduces a new division: S4, S8, C8 and S6 and two types of obi.

The white background mari will get students to “bury” their stitches without showing. If students want, they can half-complete these in class (one hemisphere) and finish them at home.

I’ll be touching on colour theory as well: complementary colours, primaries and tertiaries, graded colour (ungen), as well as combining colour with monochrome.



One Response to “Temari ball – exemplars for workshop”

  1. Elle Belle Says:

    OMG! Your work is awesome and inspiring!
    Keep at it! !!!

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