Where’s Rod?

August 16, 2014

Dear Reader

Apologies for not posting recently. I have two excuses.

The first is that I’ve taken a year off to go to Art School and so I’ve been knee-deep in Photography, Sculpture, Printmaking, Drawing and Painting since the beginning of the year.

The second is that I was inexplicably locked out of Yahoo some months back. Yahoo! ignored my customer complaints so my active participation in the online temari community is now up in the air. A severe blow was my having to abandon the Japanese Textiles Study group of Complex Weavers which had a private Yahoo! email group as its centrepiece. I am no stranger to changes in the virtual world: I began my kumihimo commentary with LiveJournal and posted photos of my temari religiously at Community Webshots for many years. The loss of nearly a thousand images on Flickr was a blow, but I’m not done-and-dusted.

While Fine Art has taken centre-stage for the moment, I’ve not abandoned my commitment to craft methodology. Not that there’s any difference between “art” and “craft” when it comes to things Japanese – what is functional is beautiful and what is beautiful is functional!

Stay tuned for more of my work in the kumihimo and temari fields.






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