Temari ball – a (12-faced) C10 “rainbow renzoku”

January 1, 2014


Here’s some more information about the temari ball (center, bottom). The design is a simplified version of one in a Japanese book. I’ve called it a “rainbow renzoku” because it relies on a sequence of five rainbow-colored stitch threads (purple, blue, red, orange, yellow) repeated in that sequence around the ‘equator’ of the C10, leaving a ‘north pole’ and ‘south pole’ pentagon in a separate color. It’s a renzoku or “continuous-thread” because both the white and the accompanying color progress in one continuous thread around each of the small pentagons (see below).

I decided to do a 12-faced version before doing it in a larger version with more faces. The photo above shows the division lines done in grey 2/20 weaving thread. You’ll notice I’ve removed it in the finished purple and red panels, as per the Japanese exemplar. You can also see the five “stars” done in bright orange pearl cotton 8. You’ll notice that I did a little tack in the last stitch of each ‘star’ to pull them into the desired shape.

The next step is to add the white, here incomplete to show the starting point (“12 o’clock” position):


When stitching both the orange and the white/coloreds, it’s important to aim the needle as close as possible to the middle of each triangle – I can’t stress that enough. It helps to start as stitch as close to the outside boundary of each pentagon to minimize the black “gully” between each of the panels. I don’t particularly like the black “void” between each of the colored components, but I need to stitch the design before I get ideas about adjusting it to my own taste. My other big dislike is the color next to the white in two rows. It would probably work better, with more subtlety with a gradation from white to dark color in three rows.



One Response to “Temari ball – a (12-faced) C10 “rainbow renzoku””

  1. Ella Says:

    Really amazing!

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