Temari balls – a C8 structure

September 1, 2013


25cm circumf, perle cotton 5

This is a series of balls based on a particular design structure, used as exemplars in teaching my students how to (1) interpret overlapping elements in a temari ball’s stitching and (2) consider complementary opposites on the color wheel.

A long time ago, I worked up some examples in the Green-Red colour complementaries (background). Recently, I added one in Blue-Orange and one in Red/Purple-Blue/Green (foreground).

I’ve spent the last six months running Free Workshops in temari ball stitching in my local area. It’s been enormous fun, but the times they are ‘a changing. Because giving away one’s intellectual property (aka socialism) isn’t really the go under the new economic order starting next week, after the Federal Elections, altruism and assistance and giving away stuff for free just won’t cut it from now on and I need to move with the times. Being Nice to People is no longer socially acceptable and I need to move from being a Nice Bloke to a Hard Man.

These temari balls will become nostalgic reminders of better times.

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