Kii Temari, Temari Challenge stitchalong

May 14, 2013


I’m completing the final step of this C10 ball, originating from the book Kii temari by Ozaki and the subject of a stitchalong among members of the Temari Challenge Yahoo! Group.

It’s 31cm in circumference and the core is four socks which have developed holes. I’m not into darning cheap acrylic socks from China, though I was reminded recently of this lost art recently when I came upon a darning ‘mushroom’. I have some hand-knitted socks for Winter which I hope never wear out – those ones, when the time comes, I’ll have to consider darning!

I’ve used a favorite color combination of mine – russet red with grey, black and white – which reminds me of my days with Western calligraphy, using black ink, with white and grey gouache paint on Venetian Red Canson paper. Having completed Steps 1 and 2 (large pentagon stars, 7 rows,  followed by a further 5 rows  interlocking around the stars), I’m now adding the final 7 rows of russett in each of the twelve C10 pentagons.

The division lines need to come out because they are too thick and are interfering with the final stitches at the seams. I used perle cotton 20 in beige instead of a very fine sewing thread or metallic thread. I can see areas for improvement next time I do this design, including ‘stretching the points’ more to create nice petalled “flowers”. Next time too, I’ll use a variegated thread instead of laboriously stitching rows of alternating white and grey.

This is the “nice” side of temari-stitching for me at the moment. The “not-so-nice” side is preparing lots of balls ready to sew for the next workshop I’m leading.

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