Temari ball, from Cosmo 4

March 24, 2013



28cm circumference; white mari background; C10 divisions and extra marking lines in white perle cotton 20; rose (single- and double-threaded) and light green stitching threads in perle cotton 8.

I’m quite pleased with myself because I’ve been looking at this pattern for a few years now and today I’ve finally worked it out.

It’s from Cosmo 4 (Atarashii Temari/New Temari) by Ozaki; pattern on pp.62-63. The original is on a black mari and uses very shiny silk-like threads in green and lavender.

It’s obvious that achieving sufficient tonal contrast between the background and stitching thread is important, as it is in all asanoha (hemp-leaf) stitching, but the main point here is to work out the pattern and the stitching sequence for the hemp-leaf stitching.

Now that I’ve done one of the faces, I can finish it off before deciding to stitch it again in more interesting colours.

In the absence of local teachers and colleagues, patience and persistence obviously get results!

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