Temari Hito Hude Gake – a C8 variation

December 26, 2012


Now that my exhibition of flower temari scheduled for late Jan/early Feb has sadly been cancelled, I’m free to stitch to my heart’s content. I have had several Hito Hude Gake temari on the go, including the large 33cm dark red one show here in perle cotton #5. It involves wrapping 16 division lines around each of the six pole positions, with some extra markings. This first was a bit hit-and-miss in place as I was getting used to the design by Sandy Sodke on http://www.temarikai.com and had unanticipated difficulties with the dark red wrapping thread, a slippery rayon. The obi/equator area is a very particular design at odds with the concept that the HHG design is ‘even’ across all of the ball. It turns out the focus is really on the North and South poles which look like the mirror images of each other, but not quite.


I decided to do another straight away to consolidate what I’d learned from the first. I decided to go for something smaller too. I certainly made sure almost all of the division lines were tacked where they met. It helped to understand where the stitching met and didn’t meet on the division lines: these stitches are grouped in consecutive lots of  ‘twos’. I worked the smaller one in perle cotton #8.

My roses are doing well at the moment in the spectacularly hot weather.


One Response to “Temari Hito Hude Gake – a C8 variation”

  1. Sorry to hear about the flower temari exhibition not going ahead, but glad you found a silver lining. Looking forward to seeing what you make next.

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