Temari Eau de Nile

December 5, 2012

Dream Temari: Classic to Modern. ISBN 978-4-8377-0199-6.

In the heat of mid-summer, I try to cool down by stitching, calmly becoming the Still Point in My Own Universe. Today’s is from a 1999 Japanese book by Akiko Kanke, Tatsu Tomita, Moyoko Shikino and Sakiko Toyoda: page 20 and instructions in Japanese on page 74 (28cm circumference).


What attracted me was the use of the blue-green, Eau de Nile colour. I spotted this River Nile colour on television recently, the colour of painted interior walls in old houses in Egypt. Most of the stitching is with a double-threaded needle and the necessary grooming of the threads got a bit tedious at times. I got more and more picky about my work as time went by so this is very much a “test ball” which I’ll try to improve on next time round. Towards the end, I started thinking about possible variations in the surface design.

If you’ve tried to stitch this ball and not succeeded, see my experience of it below.

Step 1. Wrap a 31cm ball in white and add a C10 division in white (I used white #8 perle cotton). Re-measure all the pentagons for accuracy and and tack all the ‘diamonds’ around those pentagons because it’s at the centre of these triangles that you’ll start the first rows. Stitch with a double-threaded needle, blue-green #5 perle cotton (I used DMC911), starting in the diamonds at each point of the 12 pentagons. Stitch as close as you can to the division lines but don’t panic, the final red stitches will ‘draw’ the threads together.

Pins indicate centres of pentagons.

Step 2. Stitch identical shapes around the ball. At this stage, don’t overlap (see next step). Note that rows don’t overlap at the diamonds but they do interlock at the centres of the pentagons. When stitching a white ball, take care to bury threads near or under existing rows because buried threads can show very easily on a white ball. Take care to create 3 rows in the middle of each diamond (no overlapping) and interlocked at each pentagon centre. All the Hard Work associated with this temari ball is done when you finish this!


Pins indicate centres of pentagons (left); interlocked rows of greens around centres of pentagons, with pins removed (right).

Step 3. Stitch with a double-threaded needle a single row of white inside the green, interlocking as you go. Interlock with other white rows; don’t interlock with previous green ones.

Step 4. Stitch with a double-threaded needle red stitches in each diamond and (single-threaded) around the white in the pentagon centres. Don’t pull these stitches too tight: keep them light and fluffy on top. Finish with a double-threaded needle, a row of green of interlocked hexagons in the middle of the remaining negative white spaces.


One Response to “Temari Eau de Nile”

  1. Laura Bezzeg Says:

    Nice, good holiday colors. Thansk!

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