Kumihimo – ayatake-dai braids

December 3, 2012

ayatakedai braids

I’m not so very diligent with Facebook but I have joined the International Kumihimo Braiders so it’s a chance for me to motivate myself by posting pictures of braids I did ages ago. Here are two done on the ayatake-dai loom, one I don’t use all that often because it’s quite a noisy contraption to braid on. The relatively uncomplicated nature of the braiding is a nice foil to a complicated takadai braids, so when I finish a complicated one, I reconfigure my Braidershand loom for a (relatively) easier ayatakedai braid.

Left. The source is A.Sakai and Makiko Tada’s Kumihimo (Tokyo: Japanese Assoc. of Sohbi Braiders, 1983), otherwise known in the braiding community as the “blue book”: design 43, page 57. It’s also in Sakai and Tada, Kumihuimo: the Essence of Japanese Braiding (Trans. by Prener and Kawamura; Berkeley, Ca.: Lacis, 2004; designs 19 (ayabane/arrows) and 41 (aya-kikko, “Bamboo-hexagon”). I used 6 strands per bobbin of 2/10 tencel (Violet 31225 and Gold 20043) for the warps and 1 strand per bobbin of a tough Gutermann-like cotton as the warp. 24 x 100gm bobbins. Notes: go for a high sheen/lustre yarn and use the lighter of the two colours as a weft.

Right.  Source is as above, Sakai and Tada, 1983. Design 26, page 39. This is my first attempt at Tagoto, so it has its faults. So, next time: tighten the weft a little more because it becomes visible in the “cross-overs”; use the gold as a weft and maintain twists in the bobbins/threads as you braid (this tended to become secondary to the focus required on moving the bobbins correctly!).


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