Temari Maltese Cross (2)

November 25, 2012

24.5cm circumference, #5 perle cotton

A few more using the “Maltese Cross” design, where one of the stitch threads is the same colour as the background. I stopped at around 11 or 12 rows of stitching and added the single row in the contrasting colour across the leaves before stitching the obi around the equator.

I’m ready now to move on and revise another pattern, probably Rose Garden. In the past, I’ve done Rose Garden without worrying too much about how large roses meet at the equator. There are of course lots of ways large roses can meet at the equator, so the time has come for me to give that some thought.  I continue work as well on asanoha, hito hude gake and some in Christmas colours.

I am organising my temari for an upcoming exhibition and had a closer look at some acquired from stitchers in the USA and elsewhere, some of which are remarkably spongey in the hand. I’ve been meaning to weigh them too to see how they compare with mine.

I am overjoyed that the 16 November weblog entry from Sri, the Japanese textile retailer in New York USA, features a kogin Nambuhishizashi sampler. It shows how the lozenge diamonds in coloured wool/cotton are built up, not complete row by row as in standard kogin, but diamond by diamond.  Lately, I’ve been spending time revisiting the adaptation of authentic traditional kogin patterns  to Aida cloth. More on that in due course!


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