Asanoha temari with a Christmas decoration flavour

November 21, 2012

23cm circumference, #5 perle cotton

I’ve never seen snow here in Sydney Australia but I evoke it here in this asanoha hemp/flax leaf temari with those Christmassy of colours, red and green.

This is part of an exploration in the coming days and weeks of asanoha, stitched three-dimensionally on temari balls as opposed to its original form as sashiko stitching on two-dimensional layers of fabric. Today’s is about asanoha passing over wrapped bands. Asanoha can be stitched under bands, as a background for things like flowers, as within ‘framed’ panels and even as panels on a temari without ‘frames’.

The model for today’s temari comes from sensei-Ozaki’s book, Cosmo 2 (colour illus., p.4 and instructions p.46): hers was in just two colours, red and black, with wide, red bands and asanoha in red over the top. My use of white is a more direct reference to sashiko. She does a similar version using a C6 division, same pages, red asanoha and bands on white mari.

Asanoha as a design on temari is obviously close to being a design in sashiko stitching because they have the domestic environment in common: women, especially in rural Japan, stitched sashiko clothing both for themselves and especially as coats for their husbands. I’ve referred in previous posts to the elaborate sashiko coats worn by fisher-husbands at sea (Takeda and Roberts, Japanese fishermen’s coasts from Awaji Island). Similarly, the design is transferred to toys for the kids via temari, especially for daughters.

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