More fun with S12 renzoku

July 3, 2012

Pearl cotton 5; 27cm circumf.; just 8 rows of stitching

I keep taking breaks from translating the screenplay for Louis Malle’s film, Au revoir les enfants, to work on S12 renzoku pattern variations. Joan alerted us to important initial issues such as extra division lines, potential size of the ball in order to fit in all the rows of stitching, but it’s amazing how easily one rushes in without thinking these things through properly at the beginning.

You think you understand till you go to stitch it, then all sorts of secondary thought processes come into play.

Despite reservations about rushing to expanding an S12 to an S24, this really does call for extra division lines to this extent, but only after you’ve stitched a single six-pointed star 1/3 and 2/3 up from the equator line. Because this ball is so relatively small, the division lines in silver metallic were a distraction so I removed them.

I stopped at eight rows of stitching; I experimented with more, in different colour combinations, but it looked much too crowded and the colours became garish. The kiku points could be a lot fatter and stretching the points for the diamonds becomes critical when you realise they need to match each other perfectly in size (exacerbated by using any light threads!). Joan’s model, from which I was copying, had a greater number of bubbling, happy colours; a deal of thought needs to go into colour choices to make this ball look convincing.

I’m indebted to Joan and the team at Yahoo! Temari Challenge for the fun and games associated with renzoku!

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