Temari – Kaleidoscope

June 26, 2012

So if you’ve been following Joan’s explorations on the theme of renzoku (“continuous” stitching), then you’ll recognise this latest variation that we’re all talking about at Yahoo! Temari Challenge.

Here I’ve stitched a 33.5cm circumf ball stitched in four colours of pearl cotton 5 (dark/light red, dark/light pink, dark/light blue and dark/light purple) on a Simple 12 (S12) with extra guidelines 1/3 and 2/3 up from the equator on alternate radii. I stitched six rows of the dark, then five of the light and have oodles of space for an obi around the equator, once I do the other side.

I’d like nothing more than spend the day stitching the other hemisphere, again under warm blankets given the cold, but I also need to churn through my translation into English of Louis Malle’s screenplay for his film, Au revoir les enfants. Ah, university study!

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