A week of temari stitching (2)

June 26, 2012


University trimester started yesterday so, by rights, I should be hanging up the needle for four months. But, having started some temari in the (short) break, I feel motivated to finish them.

The first should come with a ***Spoiler Alert!*** since it’s an exercise currently being run at Temari Challenge, courtesy of Yahoo! I won’t provide any details here at this time, except to say that I don’t like the row of black and will undo the light coloured rows. I’ve stitched 6 rows of four dark colours (adjacent on the colour wheel: red, pink, purple, blue), one of black, then three of the corresponding light, then a very pale yellow to finish (instead of a pure white).

The second is a maladroit attempt at a Stitch-a-long at TalkTemari, courtesy of Yahoo! I need to re-do with a larger ball and much thin metallic gold (I used Cosmo). The green needs to be a lighter, more pastel colour and otherwise things should improve with a second attempt.

The third I’m dubbing “Christmas in July” because that’s when I’m likely to finish it and it’s taking on an ever-increasing Christmas flavour. I’m already picking up on deficiencies, particularly where geometric segments don’t align up perfectly with their opposites in the adjacent pentagons.

In other news, I’m organising a small showing of some temari balls at Marrickville Library and, next year, at a group exhibition of local male artists (alongside tapestry weaving, photography and street art) at Chrissie Cotter Gallery, Pidcock Street, Camperdown NSW 2035, slated for late February 2013.


One Response to “A week of temari stitching (2)”

  1. Laura Bezzeg Says:

    Well done!

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