Renzoku temari trio

June 14, 2012

This trio of temari was done in the continuous stitch/renzoku style and are all 27cm circumference, stitched in pearl cotton 5 including variegated. I did my division lines in DMC coloured metallics (split in half), according to the colour scheme of each – green metallic for the red/green, bright yellow gold for the purple/yellow and blue metallic for the blue/orange. For the sake of simplicity, I stuck to direct complementaries on the colour wheel: red/green, yellow/purple and blue/orange. Even though they were all the same size, I was able to fit in a fourth band on the red/green, while the points of the rest went sufficiently close to the ‘equator’ (and retained glimpses of the mari black background). Three different obi designs in metallics.

This exercise, thanks to Joan at Yahoo! Group, Temari Challenge, has given me the confidence to tackle some similar designs in some of the Japanese temari books, namely Fun with Temari (Tanoshii Temari Asobi) – ball 3 on page 14 – and Kii Temari  – ball 2 on page 9. More on them anon!


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