A week of temari stitching

June 11, 2012


I’m resting my fingertips today after some heavy stitching this week…

Photo 1 (from left) is the “full-size” version of pink flowers on vegetation (bands of rows with double-threaded needle around offset pentagons and overlaid triwings), along with its miniature “test version” done previously as a warm-up. The key to success with this C10 relies on lining up the interlocked diamond sitting between each set of two triwings. If the diamond is dead-centre, each petal will be even in size. The two greens are DMC 500 (dark) and 471 (light) – a tad more than one 5gm skein of each is needed for this 31cm circumference ball. The original in Elegant Temari has two greens on a purplish maroon background – an excellent direct colour complementary (green, halfway between yellow and blue, and maroon, halfway between red and violet, on the colour wheel).

Photo 2 is one of the egg designs provided by Barb Suess when her latest book is ordered direct from her. Appropriate stretching of the points needs more attention!

Photo 3 shows two C10 Works in Progress, inspired by Barb’s latest book. At left, kiku chrysanthemums within each pentagon on a C10 (see pp.154-155). Mine is 31cm circumference, with 32 centres, overlapping petals; pearl cotton 5. The method is as follows: stitch small (yellow) pentagons inside each of the ten big pentagons; stitch large (yellow) bexagons, interweaving where they meet the small petagons. Repeat, stitching a second row of yellow. Stitch the purple/white over and under each of the yellow petals in all flowers.

At right, my first Hito Hude Gake design on a 33.5cm circumference red ball (beige cotton division lines), with pearl cotton 8 in very bright yellow and very bright purple, with 32-centres. See Suess, pp.24,126-127. The division lines have received a workout; I won’t tell you how many times I had to stitch and re-stitch to get to this point!


Barbara B. Suess, Temari Techniques: A Visual Guide to Making Japanese Embroidered Thread Balls.  Breckling Press, 2012. ISBN 9781933308326.

Kiyoko Urata & Mayo Shimazaki, Naniwa temari to Miyako temari/”Elegant Temari”. ISBN 4837706959.


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