Temari, May 2012 (4) – cherry blossoms and triwings

June 2, 2012

Source: Kiyoko Urata and Mayo Shimazaki, Elegant Temari (ISBN 4837706959). Colour photo, ball 3, page 7.

The original is done with two shades of green on a very dark red background, with double-thread stitching throughout. Everything falls into place once one realises that the triwings are stitched over the top of a standard offset pentagon around each of the mid-points radiating from the centres of the 10 pentagons of a C10 structure.  The beauty of this is that the triwings are done last, covering up the stitching immediately below, which helps enormously.

Rather than do this full-size, I went for a miniature version first: 22cm, three rows of stitching instead of four double-threaded rows. A bright fuschia background (difficult at the best of times!) with jiwari and starbursts done in a pale beige Coats 20 cotton (antique at half-a-century old). The ‘vegetation’ was done in pea green and dark forest green perle cotton 5.

The idea is that after doing your pentagonal flowers, there will be just enough space left to do the triwings in the remaining space: at the end of the process, both will ‘meet up’ seamlessly.

This gave me the confidence to try the surface design on a larger scale.


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