Temari, May 2012 (3) – diamonds and hexagons

June 2, 2012

This is similar to the last, only this time I thought I’d interlock the bands inside the diamonds.

Normally, since the effect of the five flower ‘petals’ is so strong, I’d work a red flower on a green (vegetation) background. I chose to do the opposite here – just to see what might happen. Those of who know my work will know that I can’t go past a basic red-green colour complementary.

So a China Red mari and bronze-coloured tencel 2/20 thread for the division lines as a foundation for surface stitching. Followed by purple bands, outlined in dark forest green, forming six-sided shapes, which are interlocked. This is followed by the dark red diamonds and pea green diamonds meeting at the ‘seams’.  This ball is slightly smaller than the last, 29cm circumference, so I’ve stitched all bands four rows wide.

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