Temari, May 2012 (2) – diamonds and hexagons

June 2, 2012

This is the second of a recent batch. A rather large ball at 32cm circumference – white mari with bronze tencel weaving thread division lines.

It’s done throughout with perle cotton 5 thread. I started with the yellow – a bright, straw colour – in each triangle, exactly halfway along each. The key to this ball is to keep all three colours – yellow, pink and red – the same width, so I stitched all 5 rows wide. With the yellow in place, I stitched the pink diamonds, alternately going over and under the yellow. The key here is to always stitch in parallel with the jiwari division lines. If you’re stitching always in parallel, it’s not really necessary to do any measuring at the diamond points. Complete with the red which will take you right up to the seams.

Interestingly there’s quite a deal of the background white mari showing through and you’ll notice that the yellow bands don’t touch each other in the centre of each diamond. The bronze tencel works here, but only just; metallic thread would have “lifted” the overall.

My next idea is to see what happens if I interlock the bands in the centre of each diamond.


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