Temari, May 2012 (1) – interlocking triangles and hexagons

June 2, 2012

Source: Kiyoko Urata and Mayo Shimazaki, Elegant Temari (ISBN 4837706959). Colour photo (black and white threads on black mari with gold metallic thread jiwari), p.5; summary instructions, p.47 (27cm ball).

I’ve been ‘away’ from temari since the beginning of the year because of university study, but have sneaked in several temari balls of late as the term draws to a close. This is an extension of one of the last I did, involving a C10 construction. I started with a very dark red mari and division lines in red tencel weaving thread. The interlocking triangles (the green) set up things nicely for the addition of the six-sided shapes, since one stitches them always in parallel to the jiwari division lines (the white/violet).

The ‘seams’ didn’t meet as nicely as I would have liked; that’s because my measuring of the C10 was inaccurate and I thought I could rectify the situation working ‘by sight’ as I went. The mari was formed from two old socks with holes which gave the ball a nice weight. I will probably re-do from scratch, especially since the temari balls immediately following didn’t display this sort of problem.

I was experimenting with the violet-green colour complimentary; I noticed when I’d finished that these are the colours of the HSU (Health Services Union) which is in the news here in Australia so much in recent times. 

This is a case of my returning to temari after a time, so I’m not being too hard on myself!

One Response to “Temari, May 2012 (1) – interlocking triangles and hexagons”

  1. This one is really beautiful , i would like to learn to make it 🙂

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