Temari ball – Deep Sea Blue (2)

January 3, 2012

32.5cm circumference, pearl cotton 5 – it’s need grooming all over with a tekabori, but you get the general idea!

Following on from yesterday’s post, here’s the finished ball. I stitched one round of double-threaded black at the centre of each pentagon (see photo in Sato’s book), but didn’t like it. I stitched two rounds of double-threaded black at the centre of each pentagon and disliked it even more. I decided to omit all black from the centre of the pentagons – a consequence of the ball’s overall size as much as anything else and I was keen to retain the ‘star’ quality of the centres (it’s where the eye goes to first).

The tonal values of mine differ from Sato’s original. Since it is what drew me to the ball in the first place, I will pay greater heed to that next time I stitch this pattern, probably photographing the original in black-and-white and matching my thread colours tonally. As things stand, I don’t particularly like the large ‘flower’ look of mine, probably because the black made it too heavy. Ideally it should look more geometric than representational. But that’s all okay – I’m experimenting with stitching larger-than-usual mari and I’m moving into a cycle of just stitching C10s. Normally I stitch in the 26-28cm circumference range, though I reckon the ideal is 31cm (you get a very full sense of the ball’s roundness), so the current cycle of 32-34cm feel like driving a jumbo jet.

The colours I used were:

offset pentagons: blue-green DMC 924 (probably a mistake but it’s my nod to the green of the indigo dyepot) and grey DMC 318.

renzoku bands: black DMC 310 (my nod to the events of March 2011), blue DMC 311 and pale blue DMC 932.

final centres of pentagons: pale blue DMC 932.

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