Temari ball – Times Square, New York

December 28, 2011

37cm circumference, pearl cotton 5 throughout

Coming to the close of 2011, I recalled this ball which needed finishing. The Japanese expend a lot of effort in ‘tidying up’ any “loose threads” in their lives at the end of each year, so I’ve done likewise here.

The surface pattern was based on the ball that marks the start of New Year, in Times Square, New York City. Its author is Barb Suess and I thoroughly recommend her Grandmother Star online class, of which it forms a part – see www.japanesetemari.com. Barb’s classes are a must for anyone coming to grips with Complex 10 temari. Having done the course, I felt a remarkable sense of peaceful confidence at being able to tackle C10s.

I ought to turn my mind to a Sydney equivalent of this American one – something with Opera House sails, a Harbour Bridge and fireworks.

This a Complex 10/C10 with 32 faces. Not having made C10s of this size before, there are many mistakes which I would correct a second-time around. Somewhat disheartened by the standard of my stitching, I decided not to proceed with the silver metallic thread highlights as required, but with very pale blue pearl cotton instead. Barb stresses the importance of reinforcements around the outsides of the hexagons and pentagons (only natural when the long ‘white’ stitches are so exposed), so I worked some more in black cotton. One skill I’ve not yet got the hang of is stitching in between existing stitches; I’ve tried a couple of times and not succeeded very well. A skill I will look into perhaps during 2012. So while the finished effect isn’t exactly the same as Barb would have intended, I’m pleased with the result, especially for a practice ball of this size.


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