Temari ball – hexagons and starbursts

September 27, 2011

16cm circumference, perle cotton 5

I’m spending time lately with two books by sensei Chiyoku Ozaki lately: her Cosmo 2 and My Temari Beginner’s Course.

Today’s comes from My Temari and is the rather bug-eyed-looking one based on filled-in hexagons on a C8 (colour photo page 57, instructions page 58).

Ozaki uses a classic red-white-blue colour arrangement. I’ve combined two complementary colour “opposites”: red/green and yellow/purple. Ozaki’s is double-threaded throughout, which works well with the threads surrounding the hexagons. I’ve made things rather more difficult for myself by sticking to single threads: the outlines of my hexagons look thin and disjointed by comparison. The only way I felt I could boost the negative space decoration was to adopt some starbursts, extremely beautifully handled recently by Debi in her blog hanging off http://temarimath.info.



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