Temari ball – kiku with bands

September 26, 2011

23cm circumference, perle cotton 5

It’s not often you get chrysanthemum kiku combined with bands. This one comes from a photo on the inside back cover of  Kii temari by Hisayama and Takimoto (ISBN 4837703933). This is just a practice ball to get a handle on the subtle effects in play.

This involves laying down a round or two of the mum, followed by several rounds of the bands, at 1/3 and 2/3 out from the poles towards the equator, in addition to the normal obi at the equator. Then additional sequences of more stitched rounds of kiku, followed by rounds for the bands.

In hindsight, the bands benefit from being stitched with additional rounds. I ran my bands all the one way, but it’s theoretically possible (possibly even desirable) to run the bands north-south for one pole and east-west the other.

Colour-wise, we’re talking analogous here: red-yellow-green-blue, with strong overtones of the three primary colours (red, yellow, blue). Colours which all lie alongside each other around the colour wheel. Equally, it could have been done in another set of analogous colours, e.g. green-blue-indigo-violet. 

A not unsatisfactory variation on the traditional chrysanthemum!

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