Temari ball – Rose Garden with Spiral

September 15, 2011

23.5cm circumference, perle cotton #8

This is my first attempt at the popular “spiral” surface design, done here on a mari in dark green, based on Barb Suess’ ‘Oliver’ design as explained in Inspirations magazine, issue 62, 2009. Instead of doing the spiral in all the 14 faces, I left the square ones free for a Rose Garden in three colours.  I’ve used the same Turkish perle cotton #8 in a Rose Garden pattern previously but simplified things this time round. 

I like to see this as roses set among branching green vegetation; it is topical, given the rapid pace of Spring where I am at the moment. Flowers, trees and shrubs are working overtime here just now. Over on my urban sketching weblog, I’m drawing banksias, magnolias and orchids which have all suddenly come to life in the last few weeks.


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