Temari ball – “square cherry”

September 12, 2011

25cm circumference, perle cotton 5

This is what I call a “square” cherry because it appears on the eight faces of the ball set up with a Complex 8 division. It reminds me of cherry/sakura even though it has only four petals. The flower can be more accurately represented with five petals on a Complex 10 division. I’ve seen another version where there is extra stitching at the tips of the four petals; such additional stitching really requires a larger ball than the one here – something in the 30-31cm range.

The design plays somewhat on the visual illusion of the negative space: here a white cherry flower on a red background. My next venture is a version using a coloured flower on a green background to suggest vegetation.

The source is Ozaki’s Temari for all seasons volume 2, page 119. I’ve used a red and a mid-pink as the stitching thread with white perle cotton 8 as jiwari marking lines; the starbursts in the centre were done with embroidery thread. The ‘key performance indicator’ is that the “nicks” on all four sides of the squares match up with their opposites.

My advice is to use as round a ball as possible so that the individual petals are all as accurately sized as possible; for maximum effect, measurements and placement of pins needs to be accurate within a fraction of a millimetre.

This has been useful practice for that small group of balls where the design calls for stitching to be done at unusually sharp angles and turns.


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