Temari ball – interwoven bands

September 11, 2011

28cm circumference, perle cotton #5

See Ozaki, Cosmo Volume 2: instructions pages 18-19 and colour photo p.20. This is the tenth or so temari I’ve attempted from this instruction book.

I stitched this in single threads rather than double and, as a consequence, had to use a tacking stitch to hold down the threads which “piled up” at each of the eight cross-over points. Working a double thread (as per Ozaki’s instructions) may minimise this “piling up” phenomenon somewhat.

There’s a lot of negative space showing through from the background mari. If the three overlapping bands (here done in light green) are omitted, it’s possible to fill up the negative space with additional stitching, the eight “spokes” at the centre of each of the eight square faces providing potential for kiku chrysanthemums, especially in a ball as large as 28cm circumference.

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