Temari ball – interlocked rectangles

September 9, 2011

27cm circumference, perle cotton #5.

This is illustrated on the back cover of Ozaki’s Cosmo 2 (Sousaku Temari/Creative Temari), with photo page 2 and instructions page 14.

It involves working on a white mari; a C8 with additional markings –  a square within each of the eight square faces and an additional four-pointed star within each of the eight square faces. Probably the most critical measurements are the half-way points along the north-south-east-west axis lines inside each of the eight square faces; if these are exact and equal, then the rectangles will successfully meet up neatly at the seams, as well as interlocking nicely where they lock.

I used perle cotton #8 in white for all of my jiwari and extra markings. By tacking most of the markings, one creates “bumps” at the intersecting points which can interfere with getting the rounds very close together where they meet.

By sticking to the measurements in the instructions (circumference of 27cm), it’s possible to stick with the numbers of rounds given in the instructions: 5 dark, 5 light, 5 dark in red, purple, blue, green, orange.  Is there a logic to the colour scheme? I followed the colour photos, noting that rectangles of the same colour end up “touching” each other at one of the rectangles’ corners. By simply copying the colour photo, you will build up rectangles on one half of the ball. What about the other half? Keep in mind there are two sometimes three rectangles in each colour (depending on how many different colours you are using), that they are regularly placed around the ball all facing the same way and touching at one of the four angles of the rectangle. I ended up with rectangles as follows: two purple, two green, two blue and three each of orange and red.

Keep the rounds “somewhat” loose so they can be nudged into their correct position.

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