Temari ball – triwings and spindles

August 10, 2011

26.5cm circfum, Ozaki: Cosmo 2 (colour photo p.20, description p. 67)

This is another example of a relatively straightforward ball using two geometric shapes: triwings stitched over underlying spindles.

The model uses reds and greens: subdued russet/brick reds and muted green. I aimed for something brighter in the same complementary colour relationship and immediately regretted somewhat the effect of watermelon reds and avocado greens. I persisted though.

To tone these down, I added two related shades, a single around both elements – a dark green, somewhat sallow and muddy, as well as a dark old gold. Just a single round both all elements helped bind them together and bind them to the background. Next time, I’ll use a slightly thicker jiwari marking thread: you don’t think it’s important at the time, but the triangle of silver around each triwing is a subtle but usefully strong effect. In mine, that is lost so the gold spokes around the triwing become more important. Avoid strong tonal contrast between the leaves and background if you want the triwings to stand out; in mine, there is too much competition between the two geometrical components.

Ozaki I think realises that something needs to be done about the poles – they need to be covered rather than remain bare – to provide the necessary visual movement and not to draw the eye to a dead end. So I think she has gone over the poles in the white/cream with a double-threaded needle. I will be braver next time.


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