Temari ball – plum blossom

August 2, 2011

26cm circumf, perle cotton #5. Ozaki Cosmo 1 (colour photo p.4 ball#3, pattern p.60)

I’m currently having a close look at Ozaki-sensei’s Cosmo volume 1 temari balls to practise basic stitches in relatively simple patterns. Today’s is an extension of the idea of interwoven bands which “read” ambiguously: the temari is both a flower and an geometric abstract, depending on how you look at it.

The model calls for Red, White and Blue. I have no problem with red, white and blue, except that the majority of nation states around the world seem to have adopted these colours as part of their national flag and therefore I find it rather overused as a colour combo. It doesn’t demand much of the viewer or stitcher. So I took out the white in this case and added a light violet. This “extends” the colour relationships by creating an analogous relationship: that is, three colours next to each other around the colour wheel and light spectrum: Red and Violet and Blue. I could have done it in Yellow, Green and Blue also, for example.

The other reason I like this experiment is the number of rounds making up the bands: the waning from thick to thin, both ways, in the two colours.  As one colours gets fewer rounds (6 to 4 to 2), in a very strict numeric sequence, the other increases. I guess I’m “collecting” ways of organising colour in bands at the moment.

Others in this series of flowers with their form described by negative space include Cosmo 1 pages 6-7, balls #1,6,9,10 and 12.


www.kuler.adobe.com  Go to “Create” and play around with Analogous colours while I try to figure out the rules applying to their “Compound” setup


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