Temari ball – rose garden (yellow on blue)

July 28, 2011

26cm circumf, perle cotton #5.

I’ve been working on thin, interlocked nejiri bands recently and I launched into these as the background to the yellow flowers without thinking. I prefer interwoven bands as per the model in Ozaki’s Cosmo 4 (colour photo p,.5, ball #7, no pattern) because they attract the eye to them as nice “terminal” points around each flower.

While being aware that the distance of the ‘spokes’ of each flower was critical (they need to be equal all round), I overlooked the fact that the interlocking process would shorten some of the spokes in terms of equal-sized petals. I’ll take this into account next time. I made things a little difficult for myself in expanding the interlocked bands to 5 rounds.

While not being overly reliant on a pattern in this case, I had to judge the number of rounds of each flower petal as I went. I started with 6 rounds in the darkest yellows but ended up having to use four on the final round, with a nice wide 8 rounds in the second-last round. I guess this variation in numbers of rounds might contribute to a nice “ruffled” effect in the flower; one of the overriding considerations of Rose Garden though is that one lot of petals completely cover the next, so I guess I’m playing around with that. I rather like the idea of small rounds on the inside with two ultra-wide ones at the end, e.g. lots of 4 with the last two lots of rounds being 8 rows, which is the effect I’ll be aiming for next.
The original calls for more pronounced metallic starbursts at the centre of each of the six squares. I’m happy with how things are, but would jazz them up if the blue was paler.

Colour-wise, I’ve deployed the range of colours right next to each other on the colour wheel, orange-yellow-green-light blue-dark blue. This is an extension of my previous, recent Rose Garden which similarly used red-orange-yellow-green (mediated with black and white) and a much earlier one, working from blues to red via purple. Going right round the colour wheel means I’m not getting stuck in ruts with any particular colours. Thus:


Feeling good. Learning about keeping rows even (things show up when using light-coloured thread) and stretching the points just so. Confident enough to keep going with more Rose Gardens, progressing to a Complex 10 via a 20-face perhaps.


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