Temari ball design – the “Rose Garden” pattern

July 27, 2011

Rose Garden Cosmo 1 to 7


I’ve listed out the Rose Garden examples published in the Cosmo books 1-7 of Ozaki (purchased from my wonderful colleage in the West, http:///temari-addict-australia.blogspot.com) as inspiration, noting division markings, colours of flowers and background mari. Nearly every Cosmo book contains at least one variation on the theme; the size and complexity varies from the simplest S8 to a 40cm C10.

How to stitch a Rose Garden

For a detailed examination of stitching the rose, www.temarikai.com and http://temarimath.info (Pattern Investigations/Investigating Rose Gardens) go into all the detail anyone would need.  Temarimath goes on to consider the geometric shapes and colouring methods (ungen and “reverse ungen”, light-to-dark and dark-to-light), outlining petals and varying the numbers of rounds per ‘petal’.

The ‘background’ context for the Rose(s)

Once the stitcher gets some competence and confidence with stitching the flower petals competently, experimentation with the ‘background’ becomes the next challenge. I guess I’m up for the challenge of developing the curious range of all-overs and complex geometry of some of the obi designs.

For additional information on a C10 variation of my most recent C8 Rose Garden this week, see temarimath Notebook Entry 060704. Interestingly she’s stitched beyond the centres of the squares (highlighting the colour from the triwings) whereas I stitched up to the centres (highlighting the jiwari marking threads).


A photo of a Rose Garden from Cosmo book 4 tomorrow!

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