Temari ball sakura – shiba sakura

July 20, 2011

Coming up in September is the Sakura Matsuri/Cherry Festival at the Cowra Japanese Gardens. Apparently they have demonstrations of origami, bonsai and sumo wrestling in addition to the garden viewing and a ‘hanami’ viewing of the avenues of cherry trees in the township.

Searching “temari ball sakura” on the web as perhaps being relevant I came across temaricat’s design which was a C10 version of one I “invented” when free associating with needle and thread a couple of Christmases ago. It turns out she calls the design “shiba sakura” which refers to Phlox subulata in the form of a flower which resembles the sakura cherry.  Temaricat works in pinks and greens on a white mari and I’ve unsuccessfully tried this C10 (in this particular colour scheme) in the past using spindles based on one in the Japanese temari ball books.


I did two versions a red-green version and its opposite, a green-red version, in small 26cm circumference balls. The stitching is split up into three components: the interlocked triangles (I stitch under then over at each apex), the three-pointed kiku ‘flower’, then the three ‘obi’ bands running around the circumference. In my haste (my excuse is that I was monitoring the tradies working on my roof guttering at the time), I forgot to interlock the flower petals around the triangles. But that’s okay, it highlights the flower a bit more. 


http://temari-cat.blogspot.com/ See her Temari ball of the month 29 Jan 2010.



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