Temari ball – hexagon flowers on background of 8 triangles

July 20, 2011

This originates from www.temarikai.com, Pattern 0512 (level: intermediate). I’ve been putting off doing this one for ages, mainly because I found the “inter-stitching” of the flower petals in the original a bit intimidating.

The mari at 27cm circumf was a bit larger than I would perhaps have liked for this test run, involving a spectrum of available green threads for the background triangles. I was attracted by the “charcoal greens” of the coloured photo in the pattern; the colour #500 in the DMC perle cotton #5 range comes closest to it perhaps. Instead I introduced some very light greens at the centre of the eight big triangles because I wanted some tonal contrast with my flower petals.

I added flower petals, “inter-stitched” with the background green, but ripped them out, opting for a very minimal ‘flower’ instead. Perhaps it’s too minimal, but I ended up liking the contrast between the white, the dark green of the mari and the initial light greens of the background.

Next time I’ll definitely take exact measurements of the points ABC in the pattern, not just do it ‘by eye’.

I call this my Rousse sulfureuse (see page one of the French newspaper, Liberation, 19 July 2011) because I stitched it while staying up late watching the Murdochs before the British House of Commons media committee on television.


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