Temari Ball of the Month, January 2011 (draft)

January 16, 2011

This is a first draft. I need now to road-test the instructions and I will probably do so in different colour combinations, repeating the focus on complementary colours: blue and orange or purple and yellow. It’s currently High Summer where I am – the heat and humidity are very oppressive – so I have taken a little holiday from temari and yubinuki, stitching biscornus and spending time drawing plein air instead. Half the nation is in the grip of floods and coping with mud and water; the fatalities are miniscule compared to similar events in Brazil, but the suffering is nevertheless palpable. Australia returns to work the day after Australia Day, 26 Jan, so another week before the mad push-and shove of metro-bouleau-dodo begin once again.


Wrap a 2.75 inch (24cm) temari in dark red thread. Divide and mark a combination 8 in a gold thread.

 Choose stitching threads in red, as well as threads in its complimentary green, as follows: three tones of red (dark, medium and light) and four three tones of green (dark, medium and light) plus white.

 1. On the north pole, stitch ABCD in dark red one round of a triangle on the lines intersecting the middle of the sides of the square. Stitch another round in dark red, in the same way, on each one of the remaining square faces, so that each round interlocks around the other. Continue stitching your triangles in the same order, working outward, in this order: three rounds of dark red, three rounds of mid-red and three rounds of light red.

2. Inside each of the triangles created by the red and pink threads, stitch XYZ a triangle in kiku style in uwagake chidori stitch in white. The round should interlock around the red triangle. Continue with two more rounds of white, followed by two rounds of light green and two of medium green. Repeat in the seven remaining triangles.

3. On the north pole, create bands in dark green (three rows on either side of the gold metallic thread division lines) forming a cross at the pole. Pass the threads underneath those red threads which interlock at each corner of the square in (1) above. Repeat so that bands cross in the middle of all eight squares of the combination 8 structure.

 Smooth, nudge and adjust threads for consistency in design. Design is complete.


One Response to “Temari Ball of the Month, January 2011 (draft)”

  1. Gloria Adamonis Says:

    I love this temari and i am definitely going to follow your instructions.

    i am having a ball following your Italian, it helps me to brush up on mia povero lingua. Just last week my cousins Skyped me from San Remo and we understood each other. They practice their English and Vice versa

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