Da palle temari piccolissimi ai yubinuki – capitolo 2

December 19, 2010


Queste due palle temari sono piu’ piccole – circonferenza 18 e 18,5cm; cotone di perla #8. Un disegno tradizionale: <due scaglie, o doppia scaglia>.  20 punti per ogni sezione o ‘spicchio’; in questo disengo, ci sono 8 sezioni.

Takahara               Ohnishi

Vedete  Takahara, Yubinuki to hana-temari-cho, pagina 81 (foto pagina 22, #13); il kit di yubinuki per le principianti, C.P. Hayashi, sul suo sito, www.etsy.com (cerca: “yubinuki thimble ring”); Ohnishi, Yubinuki (ISBN 9784140311400), pagine 60-61.

I continue to step down from big to medium to small temari (and thinner threads) eventually to yubinuki proper. The ‘double-scale’ or ‘two-scale’ pattern is advocated by Hayashi as a good vehicle for a beginner to develop and judge skill; obviously one has to keep looking all over the surface as one stitches, to groom threads and constantly assess the visual geometry as you go. Following Chloe Patricia’s advice on her weblog and having read the hundreds of emails on the yubinuki Yahoo! Group, I’ve paid special attention to the width of each segment and to an equal number of stitches per section.  In working these two, I’ve come to a standard working method for finishing off a thread and starting with a new one. The tension at the edges is perceptibly altered through these starts and finishes – I can tell at a glance by looking at the edges of the finished temari where I have started and finished a thread. Certainly working the two-scale surface design has prepared me for the Chloe Patricia beginner’s kit.  I feel quite at home with weaving ‘scales’ in this way; it brings back very fond memories of braiding very similar uroko (dragon-scale) designs. 


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