International Temari Appreciation Day – Plans

October 13, 2010

Friday 22 October should be a sweet Spring day here in Sydney, Australia, for the celebration of the International Temari Appreciation Day. Rebecca from Perth is coordinating a collection of photos of events from around the world.

I immediately thought of either the Sydney Opera House or the Sydney Harbour Bridge as backdrops for a photograph, but I’ve had second thoughts in relation to royalty payments for photographs of national icons, so I’m now contemplating an Afternoon Tea at the Japanese Gardens at Campbelltown.

There are similar Japanese gardens at Cowra NSW and Gosford NSW: Gosford’s sported some excellent fuji/wisteria flowers in their wisteria arbour a few weeks ago, only on show for three weeks, and Cowra’s big event each September is the Sakura Festival to celebrate the cherry blossom in the cherry-growing area close by Young, NSW.

I anticipate raising a cup of chai in praise of the Temari Ball, my mentors, colleagues and teachers past and present, at the Bell Tree Courtyard/Arts Centre Cafe, either on 3pm Fri 22 October or 3pm Sat 23 October.

I’ll probably drop a line to the Sydney Japan Foundation, Sydney Kinokinuya, Embroidery Guild of NSW and the NSW Handweavers & Spinners Guild about this important event in the textile calendar.


One Response to “International Temari Appreciation Day – Plans”

  1. Rebecca Says:

    Hi Rod,

    Great post about ITAD. I’ll raise a cup of Genmai-cha to temari at the same time as you… with my lunch at midday.

    I love the sound of your plans… can wait to see the pictures with your competition entry too.

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