Temari Tuesday 3 – Cosmo 6, 66(i)

July 5, 2010

Cosmo Book #6, Atarashii Temari/New Termari – ISBN483 770784x. Photo, p.29, no.7; pattern, p.66, no.1.

Description: Model: 32cm circumf., red mari with gold jiwari. C10  divisions, three rows of stitching all in tones of green, light to dark. Gold is used to tack in place the stitching threads where they overlap at the ends of each of the petals. This is something of a reverse of a traditional red flower on green: here it’s a green flower on red.

This week’s attempt involved a 35cm circumf mari in very light grey. I wanted to initially use only two colours, a dark rose and a muted lime green in DMC perle cotton 5. I ended up using a gold metallic thread jiwari and worked three rows in different colours: bright orange, dark rose, dark red.   

Observations: 1. The very first row of HGG stitching is always the most difficult, but any mistakes can be later undone when the ‘flower’ begins to become obvious after a couple of rows.

2. I kept the kiku stitches very close together at the centre of each flower, which meant the threads ended up on top of each other. The colours thus were “mixed” and “blured”.

3. Perhaps because the jiwari were too on the thin side, the negative space was a bit strong, so, given too the “middle” colours on a mid-tone background, I added three rows of green (white, light green, darker green) around each flower – interlocking hexagons and pentagons running beneath the red flowers. There is always an inherent risk in creating a background of hexagons and pentagons, because free-floating flowers can disguise any faults in measuring the jiwari: highlighting the hexagons and pentagons draws the eye to any imperfections in the geometry.

4. The colours ended up being something similar to a tomato-and-cucumber salad, with muted reds and pale greens  on a very pale grey background.


2 Responses to “Temari Tuesday 3 – Cosmo 6, 66(i)”

  1. Carol Says:

    Way back when you were posting about braids, I could see the pictures. Since the latest series about temari balls however I have not seen any pictures. As you describe colours and shapes, I’m assuming that there are pictures to see, but I’m just not seeing them?

    • rodbyatt Says:

      Sorry, Carol! I’ll post photos of my own work as soon as I’m able, both here and on my communitywebshots photo gallery. I’m experiencing what they call technical difficulties at present.
      I’ve described the colours for those with ready access to the Ozaki pattern books, because I often change them in my own work. For copyright reasons, I’m reluctant to scan and upload photos of Ozaki-sense’s own work. The same goes for her patterns.

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