Temari balls – Japanese books (2) Temari from different parts of Japan

August 15, 2009


Temari from different parts of Japan (Zoku Kyodo no Temari) is a 1990 book written by Chiyoko Ozaki and published by Macaw (ISBN9784837709909), 145 pages in an unusual square format. The first seven pages have colour photos of what look vintage or antique temari, certainly old with loose threads. There follows the usual temari with patterns: pp.28-55 cover the basics, but as with all intensely summarised information, any Westerner would be strongly advised to have a lot of additional instructional information to hand. There’s a good range of intermediate- and advanced-level designs, with a few for the experienced beginner.

I’ve tackled three of the patterns from this book to date:

Temari 62

 24cm diameter; perle cotton 5; cream/beige mari; brown perle cotton #8 jiwari. Pattern, p.135.

 Temari 66

28cm diameter; perle cotton 5 on a pink mari. As many pinks as I could muster, since this was a Breast Cancer Awareness temari! Woven bands noshi-style. Pattern, p.100, with recommended 27cm diameter. This is obviously close to the Hina Matsuri, or style from Matsuyama City, Ehime-ken, Shikoku Island.

Temari 42

22cm diameter; perle cotton 5; bright cobalt mari; strong acid yellow against some white, with a single inner dull yellow thread. Pattern,. page 83, with recommended diamter of 27cm.

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