Temari balls – Japanese books (1) Kii Temari

August 15, 2009


This is a 1993 book by Yukio Hisayama and Hiroko Takimoto entitled Kii Temari (ISBN 483770393). It follows the normal format of Macaw publications devoted to temari: all-Japanese-language text, photos of finished temari in a variety of sizes and thread types, with instructions for most, concluding with black-and-white thumbnail photos of a few with a simple written commentary only instead of detailed instructions.

The temari are all intermediate- and advanced-level; there are a lot of all-overs and the vast majority use C10 as their divisional structure. Perhaps the simplest looking one or two are those incorporating stitched lines (double-threaded) outlining interesting geometric shapes (continuous or renzoku stitching) – page 16, nos 5 and 6.

A while back I had a go at pattern page 62 (top): white double-threaded lines forming petals of numerous square Rose Gardens and triangles on a 31cm dark red mari. A dismal failure at the time, but will redo, because it’s rare to see a Rose Garden pattern using the mari as background with petals outlined. The treatment of the leaves is reminiscent of a Rose Garden I did once (perle cotton 8, 26cm diameter) inspired by the book written by Wood:

Temari 12

In this book, Perle cotton 5 is used, alongside a number of different silks of different textures. The book cover shows these subtlely textured silk threads to advantage. They may well be KYO brand silks, I’m not sure, but I’m certainly intrigued by the raffia-like look (tsumugi silk?). Probably one of the distinguishing features of the temari made by these authors is also seen in the book cover: the ‘sampler’ effect of different surface patterns of different faces of the temari.

When I get around to making some from this book, the first in line will probably be the renzoku double-threaded examples mentioned above.

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