Arimatsu shibori

July 22, 2009


This is part of a standard-width fabric, around 13inches, from Arimatsu, a suburb of Nagoya, renowned for its shibori.  Basically blue with undyed white, with additional dye added in spots in green, yellow and red. Very strongly textured indeed.

The dyeing with additional colour, plus a multitude of shibori techniques specific to Arimatsu are detailed in a relatively new DVD.


Highly recommended for shibori, but also quite illuminating when it comes to the Japanese approach to needlework: tieing off knots in advance, finger thimbles (improved yubinuki), executing running stitch, etc.  The DVD runs for ages so needs to be watched in small doses, and repeatedly, in order to digest the massive amount of information caught on film. Available here in Australia from Silksational,

To give you an idea of how comprehensive it is:

Part 1. Introduction; The Shibori Process (design and stencil, shibori methods, cotton dyeing and drying, silk dyeing and drying, thread pulling and removal, steam finishing and display, mixing techniques – design inspirations from Arimatsu);

Part 2. Hand shibori techniques (Hand knotting with tool, 6 techniques); Stitching (8 techniques); Pleating (3 techniques); Folding & Clamping (sekka and itajime of course!).

Part 3. Machine-aided shibori and sekka dyeing (machine aided; sekka dye factory). Conclusion, credits.

Shibori knotters and stitchers work at normal high speed as well as deliberately slowing down their working for the camera.

The DVD is a wonderful backdrop to the still photos of museum-quality shibori in the Kyoto Shoin Art Library monograph:


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