Nishijin Textile Center, Kyoto – Youtube filmography

July 19, 2009

*** apologies for the small script – I can’t readily alter, so will have to re-do from scratch sometime!***
To completement my still photos as already posted,  I commend the ‘moving pictures’ versions on as follows.
Single * refers to kimono show only; those marked *** feature footage of weaving demonstrated at the Center. In include the date either posted or filmed so you can come to your own conclusions about changing kimono fashion trends…
* March 2007 – rossallie, 2:49mins. Conveys the physical environment of the show very well – regrettably no closeups of the kimonos.
* Nov 2007 – hansih, 1.08min – live recording of the show.
* Nov 2007 – LTHDan, 3:20min – compilation of stills from the show. Rather more emphasis on the models’ faces than the kimono(!)
* Dec 2007 – wallarro, 3:35mins – filmed at waist height, live recording of the show – real sense of the disco soundtrack in use.
* Jan 2008 – ericity2, the 8min08secs video features kimono only, but the additional separate 1min39secs video shows additional tsuzure plus sakiori being woven one of the Centre’s student looms.
* Apr 2008 – leei16, 1:01mins. Conveys the sense of how crowded the show can get!
* July 2008 – athenaton77 has an added soundtrack; 50% is on kimono (including a somewhat unusual Heian Period junihitoe kimono, here because of implications for contemporary wedding uchikake?), the other 50% is a whirlwind hand-held camera record of the demonstrators (tsuzure tapestry weaving, jacquard)
* Sep 2008 – nensha90, 0:58mins. The final bow of the models.
* Apr 2009 – kl1663, 3:48mins. Note the big bow in the obi I’ve mentioned in my previous discussion.











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