Temari balls – Chrysanthemum kiku

July 13, 2009


A very common surface pattern in temari is kiku or chrysanthemum, which I’m presenting here because of the wonderful discussion of the technique recently on www.temarimath.info and because of recent interest in an unusual source of inspiration: chicken feathers.

The top temari is half-finished – with needle and thread still attached – and is taken from the photo of a chook on www.communitywebshots.com which drew the attention of some temari makers recently. I have emulated the red and white of the neck and something of the greys/blacks of the breast feathers, which strongly resembled the traditional Japanese motif of small boxes (masu) inside larger boxes, set at the angle of a diamond.

The second from the top is a Christmas temari from America bought on eBay: the gold thread as the last stitch over the dark reds is particularly effective. The third from the top is one I made inspired by it.

All top three balls are on very dark green mari background. The bottom one is black (with a green obi) done in various colours of orange, blue, purple and yellow.

Dimensions to follow and the source of the pattern of the bottom one, plus some additional posts relating to chrysanthemum.


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