Bookbinding – butterfly (cho) books

July 11, 2009


Various small examples of butterfly or flutter books, as taught to me by Daphne Dobyn. Bottom left shows blank pages; upper left shows the yellow endpapers and ‘pages’ with samples of Chiyogami and other Japanese printed papers. The examples at left are in the same style, here showing covers using torn paper and concertina spine structure.


Here they all are with their covers closed. Dimensions to follow.

2 Responses to “Bookbinding – butterfly (cho) books”

  1. wendy jones Says:

    I was also taught by Daphne, many years ago at Primrose Park in Cammeray. She was about to move north to Stroud to set up her bindery there. I would love to get an update on her doings.

  2. rodbyatt Says:

    If I hear of her, I will pass on any information. I treasure the memory of being her student. And of course I should be making more books!

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