Ayatake-dai: Narabi-kamakura (2)

July 11, 2009

Work continues apace. Not much twisting of these tencel fibres as I work on this occasion. With four threads per bobbin there appears to be sufficient bulk not to need twisting; normally I’d ‘renew’ the twist at the beginning of each new sequence, along with drawing out sufficient new yarn from bobbins.

Braiding this structure is not exactly automatic – one needs to concentrate on the movement of the bobbins. The taka-dai arms are useful when it comes to moving the bobbins laterally from one hane to another.  I’m able to park all the upper ones while relocating the bottom layer bobbins, and vice-versa.


The only problem I working through is the degree of tensioning to add at the points where the stitches change direction.


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