Maru-dai braiding stand – from Japan and ‘named’

July 7, 2009


It’s not everyday that you see a maru-dai from Japan in the West… very often we see and work with maru-dai made in our own countries. and each maker has his or her querks. I was very impressed when I came upon this one. It is very squat and ‘four-square’-looking. Each of the blocks of timber making up the base and legs are one inch thick. The mirror is especially fine in terms of its surface and is quite a contrast in terms of its appearance to the very solid, almost rustic-looking legs and base. Typically for Japanese woodworking items, there are no screws or nails. You might notice that there is calligraphy on the base. This indicates that it was once in the possession of a renowned Japanese braider and dyer, whose name and photo feature in some of the earliest braiding texts published in the 1970s in Japan. I will try to dig up another photo of the mirror, showing something of the size and curvature of the well.


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