Bookbinding – Japanese stab binding

June 27, 2009


stab binding 1

Having just made the marvellous discovery of, Ito de – Made of Thread, I honour that wonderful weblog with a photo of a traditional style book I made a while back: a single sheet of proper acid-free bookbinding paper, hand torn into 16 sheets and stab-bound with two sheets of medium-grade bookbinding paper and brown waxed linen thread, with a glued-on piece of glossy paper pulled from a piece of advertising to protect the cover edge somewhat. I went for a five-hole binding and I liked the ‘hemp’ (asanoha) binding design enough to use it here. 21x156m.

I like very much the idea of using shibori-dyed fabric as bookbinding covers, as inspired by Ito de. I will dig out other books I’ve made and post photos – butterfly books used to hold postcards of Japan and small samples of Japanese papers.


One Response to “Bookbinding – Japanese stab binding”

  1. Susan Says:

    Thank you again for mentioning my site on your blog. You also have a fabulous blog!

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