Kumihimo 102

May 23, 2009

Kumihimo 102

More summing up the past… a public demonstration of my kumihimo at Fibre FORUM, Orange NSW from a few years back. TAFTA’s Fibre FORUMS are the Australian equivalent of the USA Convergence. I was let loose in a side room for five days, near exhibitions of felting and wearable art. Table at left shows my marudai, plus some authentic Japanese braids, including a shoulder sode from  Japanese yoroi samurai armour and sundry obijime on a dark red obi. The table in the foreground shows my flat takadai braids on a green obi and my taka-dai stand is set up with work done in dark pink and orange – an attempt at linking to ‘Orange’. I am happy to say I was filmed for the local television news; this is a huge textile festival event in rural New South Wales, held every year in April.

It was great to just braid for five days straight – a wonderful foil to full-time work. During quiet times, I was able to work on complex pickups of flowers and butterflies and moths (designs by Yayoi Miura); during busy times, I was able to promote Japanese textiles somewhat. More on executing Miura-san’s patterns later…

Kumihimo experts will notice the quite wide flat braids: I work wide and start off with 2/20 weaving yarn when starting out with an unfamiliar technique or pattern, graduating to finer tencel and thinner braids more in the Japanese style as confidence increases.

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